Education Providers: Increase your class selection, enrollments and profits with OnCourse Learning!

OnCourse Learning College Solutions: The smart way to expand

The traditional educational model is expensive. That’s why smart educational providers are choosing OnCourse Learning to help them expand their curricula and develop a stronger online presence. OnCourse Learning provides two solutions that can be custom tailored for your unique content and delivery requisites, and in compliance with requirements for licensing, certification, or a diploma: eLearning Portals & Custom Curriculum.

eLearning portals drive students and revenue

OnCourse Learning enables colleges to bring courses online, as well as to increase profits. Many educational providers are missing out on revenue opportunities from potential students who are not interested in traveling to school and sitting in classrooms. Online courses allow these students to become engaged with the school, its teachers and courses at their leisure. We have a full suite of courses that colleges can easily add to existing curricula, and which can be privately labeled for a given program. OnCourse Learning is constantly updating this catalog of courses so that our partners have the most relevant offerings to attract more students to their programs.

Develop custom curriculum

Frequently, an educational partner will have excellent content, perhaps a very popular course or one featuring a dynamic instructor, which it wants to sell online. OnCourse Learning has developed a solution to help schools and teachers create, deliver, and capitalize on outstanding courses. This solution monetizes courses and drives additional revenue. Whether a course covers information technology, mortgage lending, home inspection, real estate, insurance, OnCourse Learning’s proven methods can move custom content online. We have a state-of-the-art studio that can accommodate any type of recording requirements or subject matter. We will film, edit, simulate and deliver the content in a way that valuably enhances your students’ learning.

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