Course Catalog for Banks

Your bank employees all need unique compliance and professional training depending on their role. Our Bank Course Catalog is intended for all bank employees and focuses on banking regulations, product information, human resources training, overall skill and responsibilities and more.

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Adaptive Learning Courseware

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We are further personalizing the student e-learning experience through our new adaptable courseware. This courseware adapts to the student’s knowledge proficiency through allowing them to skip courseware in which they already show a proficiency and put a laser focus on areas of opportunity. These adaptive courses have all of the elements of our effective, efficient, and engaging courseware, so you can be sure your students are receiving the highest caliber of content.

Bankers Knowledge Series View Series

Banker's Knowledge

View 29 Courses

This series covers a variety of valuable topics for financial professionals who do not focus on regulatory compliance. Topics in this series range from financial institution overview and financial math skills training to etiquette and professional dress. Valuable knowledge that will help your team be more successful and help your institution present itself in an educated and professional manner.

Banking for Beginners View Series

Banking for Beginners

View 15 Courses

Banking for Beginners is a library of short, pre-recorded courses for the new employee. This training series is designed to help promote a general understanding of banking systems, money, deposit and loan products and other key topics that employees at a financial institution should be familiar with. During the programs, students will be offered a chance to learn about the history of banking as well as what the future may offer. Each course contains a video module, handout in PDF format and a short, 5 question quiz. The average session duration is less than 15 minutes.

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Board of Directors for Banks

View 14 Courses

The Board of Directors Series was designed to assist key individuals with carrying out the responsibilities of their institution's regulatory compliance, and to understand the role they play in serving and overseeing the activities of a banking organization with ease.

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Board of Directors for Credit Unions

View 10 Courses

The Board of Directors Series was designed to assist key individuals with carrying out the responsibilities of their institution’s regulatory compliance and to understand the role they play in serving and overseeing the activities of a banking organization with ease.

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BSA and AML Case Studies for Banks

View 38 Courses

BSA and AML Case Studies provide real-life examples and application of the BSA and AML principals. These are designed to take an employee's knowledge of the topic and bring it to life in scenarios they may encounter on the job.

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Commercial Lending Program (in partnership with Eensight)

View 10 Courses

This unique, cost-effective series gives employees the tools they need to verify key information, understand consumer regulations, underwrite the loan, and follow up to minimize fraud. Our web-based learning management system brings together commercial lending best practices in applied learning, course management, scheduling and reporting. Advanced data integration functionality works seamlessly behind the scenes with your existing enterprise technology.

Consumer Lending Training Series View Series

Consumer Lending and Financial Knowledge for Banks

View 11 Courses

These courses explain the consumer lending process from application to processing and servicing. Subject matter covers the operational process, fraud detection and prevention, and the credit process.

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Consumer Lending Program (in Partnership with Eensight)

View 10 Courses

This unique, cost-effective series gives employees the tools they need to verify key information, understand consumer regulations, underwrite the loan, and follow up to minimize fraud. Our web-based learning management system brings together best practices in applied learning, course management, scheduling and reporting. Advanced data integration functionality works seamlessly behind the scenes with your existing enterprise technology.

Customer Information Security Awareness (CISA) Series View Series

Customer Information Security Awareness (CISA) for Banks

View 24 Courses

Critical to any financial institution is protection of customer or member information. Customers utilize financial institutions who they trust and all employees are critical to protecting the information of those they serve. This series provides courses for training staff on how to effectively secure and protect this information.

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Cybersecurity Advanced

View 35 Courses

Our Cybersecurity Advanced series delivers the ability to target with role based courses, comply with special standards requirements, and to shift culture with a more advanced reinforcement strategy. For organizations who are ready to transform the workforce into a security-minded culture.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals Series View Series

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

View 10 Courses

The fundamentals series provides a strong foundational layer of cybersecurity awareness and education across all users, and delivers the ability to reinforce that learning through interactive targeted reinforcement modules.

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Cybersecurity Starter

View 2 Courses

These courses deliver a strong beginning for your first security awareness program. It offers a simple solution with easy deployment, and particularly geared towards not very complex organizations with a lower threat level.

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Deposit Compliance for Banks

View 27 Courses

The Deposit Compliance Series will equip your deposit staff and management with the tools to understand and execute their tasks within the organization. This series includes accredited courses*.

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Directors Education Series

View 33 Courses

The Directors Education Series provides targeted training modules focused on the Bank Director’s conduct, responsibilities and liabilities. All programs have been authored by highly recognized, respected industry experts.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Series View Series

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

View 28 Courses

These courses train your employees on the importance of inclusion and respect and drive behavioral change by cultivating a safe and positive environment where employees are comfortable identifying, evaluating and resolving common challenges to build a winning workplace culture.

Dynamic Leadership Series View Series

Dynamic Leadership

View 11 Courses

The Dynamic Leadership series is designed to help your employees gain the necessary skills to become effective leaders. The courses in this series are focused micro-courses covering key learning skills, including identifying key leadership qualities, how to communicate vision and employee development planning.

Employment Law Compliance Training View Series

Employment Law

View 34 Courses

These employment law courses are designed to meet mandatory training requirements from EEOC-compliance guidelines, landmark cases, federal sentencing guidelines to applicable federal regulations.

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Enterprise Risk Management & Compliance for Banks

View 46 Courses

These courses cover a variety of risk and compliance management topics that effect an institution and its operations, including interest rate risk, ADA, CRA, identity theft and more.

Exam Management View Series

Exam Management

View 4 Courses

This series is designed to provide an overview of the financial institution's regulatory examination procedures and processes. It outlines the different types of exams, as well as the importance of planning, preparation, and management of an exam.

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Foreign Branch Office (FBO) for Banks

View 12 Courses

The Foreign Branch Office (FBO) series of courses covers key compliance topics that are must haves for employees of Foreign Branch Offices within the United States.

GDPR Series View Series


View 6 Courses

These courses provide a comprehensive overview of the scope of requirements. Combine this series with Security Awareness training to teach employees the critical competencies to ensure compliance.

HIPAA / HITECH Series View Series


View 3 Courses

The Department of Health and Human Services has mandated annual privacy and security training, as well as regular reminders, for all employees and Covered Entities. Our engaging HIPAA and HITECH training programs can help your organization meet this legal requirement—while encouraging an organizational culture in which all employees understand the importance of compliance.

Impactful Communication Series View Series

Impactful Communication

View 10 Courses

The Impactful Communication series provides your employees with communication skills necessary to interact with internal and external clients, both written and verbally. The courses in this series are focused micro-courses covering key learning skills every employee needs to know, including communication rules, effective listening, handling conflict and more.

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Insight Advantage Program (in partnership with Eensight)

View 6 Courses

How do you position your employees to become a valuable resource to help customers improve their business growth? The Insight Advantage Program enhances your employees' skills and competencies to acquire, expand and add value to their current and future business relationships by discovering cash management and financing opportunities.

Leadership management training series View Series

Leadership in Management

View 10 Courses

Raise the bar in your organization with courses that create exceptional leaders. Leadership in Management courses teach employees how to improve performance in their current positions, and prepares them for roles that entail more responsibility down the road. Ten modules comprise the curriculum which addresses business letters, memo and email writing, conflict resolution, time management, and interview preparation and conduct.

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Lending Compliance for Banks

View 79 Courses

The Lending Compliance Series provides your staff with the essential knowledge to contribute to the lending cycle in a knowledgeable and compliant manner. From advertising and application to collections and credit reporting, this series provides the knowledge to effectively and compliantly navigate the lending cycle.

Microlearning FAST Modules View Series

Microlearning FAST Modules

View 30 Courses

Our Flashback Approach Sectioned Training Modules, or FAST Modules, are engaging, animated microlearning courses five to ten minutes in length. FAST Modules are designed to provide a quick overview or a refresher on one specific topic within a regulation, instead of the entire course, allowing students to better retain concepts specific to their job role.

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Mortgage Lending

View 61 Courses

The Mortgage Lending Series ensures mortgage professionals in your organization understand the critical changes affecting the mortgage industry. To help your organization comply, this series includes courses approved by the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). The curriculum is grouped into categories that mirror the NMLS National Test Content Outline, so you can be confident knowing the course topics are aligned with SAFE Act expectations for non-depositories.

mortgage servicing compliance training series View Series

Mortgage Servicing Compliance

View 12 Courses

Mortgage servicing plays an essential role in the mortgage lending process. Not only do servicers oversee routine servicing, ranging from payment processing, maintaining escrow accounts, and handling error resolution procedures, they also are involved with default servicing and the foreclosure process. These courses focus on regulatory requirements for mortgage servicers that are imperative to execute through policies and procedures.

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OnCourse Unplugged

View 16 Courses

OnCourse Unplugged video compliance courses are revolutionizing the way employees learn about serious topics, including courses that will change the face of compliance training and learning for years to come. The series includes a library of core video compliance courses that are published and reviewed by our compliance experts to ensure clients have everything needed to stay compliant in a fun and engaging way.

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PCI Compliance

View 4 Courses

Our PCI training courses help cardholder data handlers, supervisors, and IT professionals ensure compliance with PCI standards, pass audits, and avoid data breaches.

Personal Productivity Series View Series

Personal Productivity

View 11 Courses

The Personal Productivity series provides your employees with tips and important techniques for successfully and productively managing their time, energy and other resources to maximize achievement. The courses in this series are focused micro-courses covering key learning skills every employee needs to know, including prioritization, planning and managing a schedule, and problem solving.

Prescriptive Selling Series View Series

Prescriptive Selling

View 11 Courses

The Prescriptive Selling series provides your sales team with the skills necessary to sell more effectively, using proven sales process techniques. The courses in this series are focused micro-courses covering key learning skills every sales employee needs to know, including uncovering the client’s need, selling the benefit, next step selling and more.

REAL Customer Service Course Series View Series

REAL Customer Service

View 8 Courses

Delivering great value to customers is about more than just ensuring their satisfaction with your organization's products and services. To be a leader in the marketplace, employees at every touch point within your company must go the extra mile and deliver a consistent, world-class experience. Customer Service courses teach employees how to provide stellar customer service that will set your institution apart from the competition.

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REAL Sales

View 5 Courses

Sales are the core of every business, and the barometer through which growth is measured. Sales experience courses teach your sales team how to deepen customer relationships using a variety of proven techniques. From ways they can increase the value of transactions through cross-selling, to the art of anticipating and overcoming prospective customers' objections, this effective curriculum links theory with practice to accelerate success.

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Refresher Series for Banks

View 17 Courses

The Refresher Series is a convenient solution for your experienced employees who need to stay current on regulatory and vital financial information. These courses target fundamental topics and move swiftly yet effectively in a smaller duration of time.

Remote Leadership View Series

Remote Management OnDemand Webinars

View 7 Courses

The Remote Management Series is a library of short, prerecorded courses for both remote employees and managers of remote employees. This training series is designed to promote best practices for working from home, such as proper time management for productivity as well as ways to overcome the challenges that can come with working from home including engaging remote teams, managing stress, and setting expectations.

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Remote Worker Preparedness

View 8 Courses

In today’s digital age, working remotely is becoming easier and more common. However, working outside of the office environment brings new cybersecurity threats. This Remote Worker Preparedness Solution provides your remote employees a strong understanding of how to keep data and information secure while working from outside the office and reinforces that learning through targeted reinforcement modules.

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Retail Banking for Banks

View 34 Courses

The Retail Banking Series will arm your branch and frontline staff to effectively execute transactions and understand the working of retail products and services while staying up-to-date on the latest regulatory requirements.

retirement management training series View Series

Retirement Management

View 14 Courses

These courses provide staff members knowledge on planning and saving for retirement and the various tools for success.

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Rockstar Recruiting

View 8 Courses

Hiring the right talent is a very difficult task that has a huge impact on how your business runs now and for the future. Making the wrong choice could sink your company. Making the right choice could elevate it to new heights. The Rockstar Recruiting series will help nail the planning process so you have the right timeline and the time to execute the plan to ensure you are bringing in top talent to your organization.

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Small Business Lending Program (in partnership with Eensight)

View 8 Courses

Do your employees have the skills and confidence to have meaningful conversations with clients and prospects about their business and financial positions? The Small Business Lending Program enhances your team's skills and competencies to understand small businesses, identify financing needs and discuss lending requests.

Sexual Harassment Compliance Training View Series

State-Specific Sexual Harassment

View 12 Courses

Sexual harassment continues to remain a real workplace problem. Media stories and studies clarify the high tool that this misconduct takes on targeted employees, coworkers, and the overall work environment. Certain states have enacted laws that require specific sexual harassment training for employees based on state law to ensure employees are promoting a workplace free of sexual harassment.

This series is available as an add on to the DE&I or Employment Law series only.

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Transaction Compliance

View 48 Courses

The Transaction Compliance Series covers the compliance requirements for financial institutions. Included in this series are the critical BSA, AML and OFAC courses that effect all departments and staff within the organization and beyond. This series includes accredited courses.

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Wealth Management

View 10 Courses

This series is designed to provide wealth management personnel training on regulatory compliance, ethical issues, types of products, and more. 

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