Fair Lending Overview – Lending Staff – Microlearning FAST Modules

Course Description

These modules will provide you with an understanding of the basic concepts regarding fair lending that you need to understand and apply to customers and loans during any part of the loan life cycle. By the end of these modules, you will be able to describe the basic concepts and purposes of the group of laws known as the Fair Lending Laws, identify types of unfair lending and discriminatory lending practices, illustrate how the ECOA impacts all loans across the loan life cycle, recognize how the FHA applies to housing-related credit, and portray how the HMDA is used by the government and the public to monitor compliance with fair lending laws in connection with the general requirements that surround the collection and reporting of HMDA data.

FAST Modules:
– Fair Lending Basics
– Fair Housing Act
– Equal Credit Opportunity Act
– Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
– Scenario-Based Challenges

*Each FAST Module is 5-10 minutes in length.

10 Minutes