Cybercriminals take aim at financial institutions

Today’s cybercriminals employ high tech tools to break through the virtual walls of a bank to access sensitive customer information and valuable financial data, or steal money from customer accounts. Once inside those walls, the financial institution might not immediately know it, according to Tom Kellerman, founder and CEO with [...]

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Adtalem Global Education Completes OnCourse Learning Financial Services Acquisition

CHICAGO, Ill. – June 3, 2019 – Adtalem Global Education Inc. (NYSE: ATGE), a leading workforce solutions provider, today announced that the previously disclosed acquisition of OnCourse Learning’s financial services division has closed. OnCourse Learning is a leading provider of compliance training, licensure preparation, continuing education and professional development across [...]

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Lifelong Learning for a Lifetime of Success

Staying current professionally is no longer an option. Individuals who strive for growth in their personal lives and professional lives must commit to the concept of lifelong learning. In an ever-changing market and world, it’s more important than ever to stay competitive and up to date. Lifelong learning enables professionals to prepare for emerging trends and provides direction for career opportunities and advancement. On a personal level, lifelong learning has major impacts too. Learning provides new challenges and has been proven to increase productivity and motivation. It also can expand both social and networking opportunities whether you are a working professional, looking for a career change or retired. The time you take to learn anything, whether it's becoming licensed in a new field, completing required regulatory compliance training, or learning a new skill, is going to benefit you in some way. There's no downside to lifelong learning.

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Delivering an Outstanding Learning Experience At OnCourse Learning, we’re committed to delivering an outstanding e-learning experience. We incorporate all four spheres of learning, microlearning, and personalized and adaptive learning to create an optimal learning experience for our students to advance in their chosen profession. Learning Styles Not every student learns in the same [...]

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Enhancing the Online Learning Experience OnCourse Direct is a Learning Management Platform that was built by bankers, for bankers. As our single platform for everything we do at OncCourse Learning, we are continually evolving it in number of key areas, with user experience being first and foremost. We’re very focused on providing the [...]

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