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“Why I Love Rejection”

Whether we want to admit it or not, part of living and doing business is learning to deal with rejection. Which is why we need to learn to love rejection. Here's how. Check out this Dale eMinute learning topic and more inside Mortgage HQ: All-in-One Training Solution.

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How Banks Can Prepare a Coronavirus Pandemic Preparedness Plan

As covid-19 spreads, it’s prudent that financial institutions have a plan in place for when or if a pandemic or disaster occurs. Earlier this week, a top CDC official reported to congress that a global pandemic might be closer than we think. When was the last time you reviewed your pandemic plan and/or business continuity plans?

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2020 Banking Trends You Need to Know

What banking trends can bankers expect in 2020? As we embark on a new decade, technology and banking trends are changing and evolving. Technology brings artificial intelligence front and center in the world of banking. Innovation is everywhere. Leaders are looking for new ways of doing things.  The following is a look at how some banking trends may play out over the next year.

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