Using eLearning Minimizes Casino Regulatory Risk and Increases Employee Engagement

As technology enhancements create efficiencies to many aspects of our professional and personal lives, it also is a tool that helps decrease regulatory risk and improves employee satisfaction and engagement. Casino regulatory risk decreases with e-learning.

David Vialpando, director of gaming education at OnCourse Learning, was recently published on for his stance on utilizing eLearning to increase employee engagement while ensuring casinos meet regulatory standards.

The article, How to Use eLearning to Keep Casino Employees and Gaming Regulators Happy, begins by providing a descriptive example when BSA/AML training helps alert an employee of a potentially fraudulent situation within the cage. Through his scenario, Vialpando highlights the importance of updating casino training programs to meet individual needs of the employees, department and casino, as well as meet the regulatory compliance requirements set by gaming commissions.

“New employee onboarding and recurrent compliance training are necessary for casinos to remain compliant and mitigate risk,” said Vialpando. “Examples within this article are just a handful of the real-life situations that come up in casinos consistently. These properties are a target for anti-money laundering and other fraudulent activities, and it is crucial for these organizations to work closely with their commissions and third-parties to build adequate training programs to meet this demand.” Establishing processes and procedures will also reduce regulatory risks.

Utilizing onboarding to establish processes and procedures

Digital employee onboarding allows casinos to accomplish multiple tasks that are challenging when using manual processes. These include:
•  Electronic training and documentation of regulatory compliance polices and procedures, including operating procedures, sexual harassment and employee fraternization policies
•  Expanded BSA/AML and Title 31 training that can be easily updated
•  OSHA safety guidelines without the subjective influence of direct human interaction or explanation
•  Proper digital storage training
•  Employee notification of recurrent review of training

“Technology can enhance regulatory compliance training for employees, reduce costs and facilitate employee development,” said Vialpando.

Technology increases employee engagement while simplifying processes

eLearning utilizing a learning management system helps administrators and trainers electronically track employee historical data – such as previous training completion. It also allows managers to set up electronic alerts for upcoming training, assign new training for professional development, and track employee training success.

Other benefits of integrating training with an LMS include:
•  Analytics and digital documentation to help facilitate regulatory training as well as professional development
•  Digital storage of training completion reports which supports casinos during audits
•  Electronic policy and procedures can live within the LMS, allowing employees utilize a single source for their training needs

“Technology has vastly improved our quality of life, both personally and professionally,” explains Vialpando. “Many of the advancements and evolution of modern gaming are because of the integration of technology. The integrity of gaming, protection of assets, employee skill development and delivery of quality service to patrons depends on the proper application of technology. Digital employee onboarding and e-learning are logical next steps in the technological evolution in gaming.”


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