Enhancing the Online Learning Experience

OnCourse Direct is a Learning Management Platform that was built by bankers, for bankers. As our single platform for everything we do at OncCourse Learning, we are continually evolving it in number of key areas, with user experience being first and foremost.

We’re very focused on providing the best user experience in the industry, allowing our learners to come in and quickly access what they need to complete their work. We’ve conducted many usability studies to make sure we get feedback directly from the user. Then, we work with user experience designers and strategists to evolve the product to reflect that feedback.

ComplianceKeeper is a brand-new product specially targeted to the highly regulated industries where assessing risk regularly is a key interest. ComplianceKeeper mitigates risk of licensure and other regulatory drivers within the organization, which is traditionally done through a series of reports. ComplianceKeeper provides admins with a dashboard to visually identify risk and drill into that specific situation to address. Designed primarily for compliance officers and/or those responsible for licensing, it allows for information to be easily captured, reported and shared across the organization.

Prep xL
Prep xL is a brand-new offering that differentiates our solution in the marketplace. It helps users prepare for exams more rapidly than they could before. The solution is unique in that it is adaptive and personalized the student’s needs. As the student completes practice exams, Prep xL identifies the areas that they underperform in and provides specific mitigation opportunities to bring that knowledge area up quickly preparing them to take and pass the exam. In the end, this results in a higher pass rate for our learners.

Single platform
As we consolidate down to the single platform here at OnCourse Learning, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into putting together a process and service that is top notch in the market. In addition, we’ve upgraded our data center and our hosting to provide a speedy experience for the user. The investment in consolidating our platform into a single platform gives us the ability to evolve it quickly, benefiting all our customers at once. Moving forward, a key focus will be on a more personalized experience, while establishing relationships with our users to bring them the best value and the most rapid, effective learning platform available in the market today.

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