New guide shows how to protect against cyberattacks

With the alarming number of cyberattacks at U.S. companies in recent years, cybersecurity has become a major concern for all businesses, but especially for financial institutions.

OnCourse Learning’s new Cybersecurity Guide 2017 addresses the growing number of cyberthreats facing financial institutions, and details how businesses can protect themselves and their customers.

“We hope financial institutions find this guide to be a valuable resource in evaluating the effectiveness of their organization’s cybersecurity program,” said Jeff Kelly, vice president of governance, risk and compliance for OnCourse Learning Financial Services. “It is critical for financial institutions to stay abreast of the rapidly evolving cyber-threats in their environment. This resource guide is a great tool for keeping your organization protected and your team alert.”

As criminals and other groups try to gain access to bank accounts, personal customer information or financial data, financial institutions have to be on alert more than ever.

Consider the 2014 data breach at JP Morgan Chase that affected the personal information of more than 80 million customers. With even the largest financial institutions at risk, smaller ones with less advanced cybersecurity systems are potentially even more vulnerable to catastrophic breaches.

The guide serves as resource, covering relevant topics that include:

• Threats posed to financial institutions from phishing attacks, ransomware and other malware;

• Potential threats to the U.S. financial system posed by foreign nation states, terrorist groups and other bad actors;

• Proposed new cybersecurity regulations at the state and federal level;

• Federal and state resources available to financial institutions on cybersecurity; and

• Commentary from subject matter experts on topics related to cybersecurity, such as email fraud, data protection, vendor management and cybersecurity training.

To see the full guide, click here.

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