NMLS cracks down on online mortgage CE testing fraud

Passwords are frustrating. However, with the rise in online continuing education testing fraud, the NMLS is cracking down and requiring all continuing education S.A.F.E. coursework providers to implement a biometric password system to verify students in all courses by Aug. 21.

With BioSig-ID, students create a password using a mouse, stylus or finger at the beginning of the course. Throughout the course, the software compares each verification attempt to the stored profile to confirm the same person drew the password. OnCourse Learning’s ProSchools brand successfully piloted this program with the NMLS last spring and will be including BioSig-ID in its S.A.F.E. continuing education coursework.

Students who register for online continuing education courses before August 21st will not be required to create and submit a unique identification.

The primary objective of employing BioSig-ID is to ensure mortgage lenders and brokers complete their annual education requirements.  If suspicious behavior is suspected, reports may be investigated by the State Regulatory Registry in accordance with the Rules of Conduct for Students – which students agree upon at the start of every online course.

“Ensuring our students meet the requirements and uphold the standards of the NMLS is of highest importance to us here at OnCourse Learning,” said Abby Mindt, director of mortgage education at OnCourse Learning. “Implementing this initiative only ensures we provide our students with the most credible and reliable education in the industry, allowing them to provide their customers with the best service possible.”

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