Quality Content is King

At OnCourse Learning Financial Services, we know that quality content is king – especially when it comes to your compliance training program. That’s why over the past 18 months, we’ve made significant investments in our content for banks, credit unions and non-bank financial services with the goal of:

  1. Improving the user experience
  2. Ensuring up-to-date and accurate content
  3. Delivering a better result for our clients

OnCourse Learning was built on solid brands in the financial services space. We’ve consolidated the content from these legacy brands into one comprehensive library of over 500 courses for both banks and credit unions, covering areas such as depository compliance, transactional compliance, lending compliance and credit training.

Course Enhancement Project
We are committed to continually enhancing our offerings. In 2017, we kicked off the course enhancement project to refresh our content. It’s an ongoing evolution that began with re-theming our courses to make them more pleasant to the eye. In addition, we’ve implemented more multimedia into the courses and added new activities to increase engagement.

OnCourse Unplugged
OnCourse Unplugged is a revolutionary product that was created to make our compliance training extremely engaging. The training series was developed for today and tomorrow’s learners, keeping in mind how they consume knowledge and information. The series also incorporates humor to enhance that engagement and make it a very memorable experience for the learner.

We partner with subject matter experts in our industry to create best in class content. We have put a significant amount of resources into building out our team of subject matter experts, both internally and externally. We rely on these experts to stay on top of industry news, key risks, and compliance and regulatory changes that may be on the horizon.

Our core competency is regulatory compliance, but in some cases, it makes sense for us to partner with companies who have strengths in other areas. We recently partnered with Eensight, a company that provides comprehensive credit training programs, including commercial lending, consumer lending and small business lending.

Our partnership with Total Training Solutions allows us to provide webinar subscriptions to our clients. Another partner, Strategic Compliance Partners are experts in the mortgage industry and provide compliance management, consulting and a technology platform. Our partnerships are done strategically to provide a more comprehensive training solution to our market.

Association Partnerships
Association partnerships are extremely important to OnCourse Learning. We partner with associations at the federal, state and local level to provide training and education to their members, which they find extremely value. Through this partnership, we’re also able to provide an additional revenue stream to those associations. It works out to be a very meaningful and powerful partnership.


We’re thrilled with the progress that we’ve made in the last year.

PrepXL, a brand-new personalized and engaging exam prep product, and ComplianceKeeper, a licensing management software, are two new offerings that were launched this year. We’ve also made a significant investment in building out our gaming solutions. Our gaming catalog currently includes over 250 courses and is growing. We also recently launched an initiative around human trafficking to arm our learners with not only the tools they need to be regulatory compliant, but also to help stop human trafficking.

I think you’re going to see an acceleration in innovation that we’re able to bring to our marketplace in the very near future.

Contact us today to learn how we empower you to ensure regulatory compliance and advance in your career.

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