Delivering an Outstanding Learning Experience

At OnCourse Learning, we’re committed to delivering an outstanding e-learning experience. We incorporate all four spheres of learning, microlearning, and personalized and adaptive learning to create an optimal learning experience for our students to advance in their chosen profession.

Learning Styles
Not every student learns in the same way. When designing and developing online courses, we incorporate all learning styles by considering the four spheres of learning:

  1. Visual – we display visually appealing graphics that our learners can relate to
  2. Auditory – we offer voiceover options for those who learn by hearing
  3. Kinesthetic – for individuals who learn with their hands or interacting with the computer, we engage that interaction within our e-learning design
  4. Text based – we offer quality written content for those who learn by reading and writing

There is not one primary learning style, it’s usually a mixture. We make sure we encompass all styles so our learners achieve the best e-learning experience.

Microlearning is huge in the industry and involves small, learnable objects – usually 5-10 minutes – and one teachable moment.

At OnCourse Learning, we are continually looking at how we can build our courses so that when they are sequenced together they become a comprehensive course, but when a learner needs the information just in time, they will have the ability to go to that content right way and just learn for that moment.

Personalized and adaptive learning
Personalized learning is looking at how we can sequence curriculum and build pathways for our learners. We architect our curriculum in ways that engage the learner so they can self-choose their own pathway.

Adaptive learning is more about the learner’s interaction with the computer and how it responds to the course they’re engaging with. The right technology is key to personalizing and adapting the content. As the learner goes through the courses, the content adapts to how they respond to questions, or a sequence of modules.

Our commitment is not only high-quality content, but also engaging our learners. We want to ensure that we cater to all learning styles in each learning event to provide an optimal e-learning experience.

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