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Ensure they stay certified with compelling, convenient EMS courses.

Busy EMS professionals don’t have time for classroom education. Our Distance CME™ solution provides live distance learning with the quality your employees need to stay certified, no matter where they are. And, the EMS topics that your organization demands.

Live and interactive

Courses are live and interactive, meeting all didactic requirements. Our EMS courses include paramedic/AEMT, EMT/EMR, critical care and more with everything from ACLS to pediatric and obstetrics.


Our classes meet the NREMT’s requirement for live (VILT) learning – 100% online, 100% live. All 48 hours of our refresher courses are accredited and universally accepted and can be applied toward National Registry re-certification. Check the credentialing page for details.

Convenient and Efficient

Modules are frequently offered, at a wide variety of times to conform to your employees’ schedules, not ours. And online courses eliminate unproductive travel time, while reducing travel costs.

“Distance CME enabled me to complete my paramedic recertification class in a way that fit busy schedule. The classes were live and interactive and taught by paramedics, nurses and doctors, which gave me a full spectrum of the EMS system. This was, by far, the best recert class I’ve ever taken.”

Giovivanni, New Jersey

“As firefighter, EMT/Paramedic who’s been in the field for 30 years. I’ve done a lot of the traditional continuing education classes. I was pleased when I found Distance CME, which works out much better for people like me on shift work. It’s convenient and you can do it anywhere, at your own pace. I highly recommend it.”

Rob, New Jersey

“I needed recertification and I found the perfect one. Distance CME is excellent. Every instructor is competent, knowledgeable, experienced and at the top of their game. The online education is interactive and the content is current.”

Mario, RN Paramedic

“I used Distance CME for the paramedic refresher course. I loved being able to interact with the instructors who are very knowledgeable and come from different backgrounds, like doctors and paramedics. I recommend this course to anyone.”

Ashley, Paramedic student

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