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EMS Recertification

Hassle-free EMS recertification

Stay certified with compelling, convenient EMS courses.

Busy EMS professionals don’t have time for classroom learning. Our Distance CME™ solution provides live distance learning courses with the quality content to stay certified, no matter where you are. Courses are live and interactive, so they meet all didactic requirements. All 48 hours of our refresher courses can be applied toward National Registry re-certification.

Subjects you need.

With paramedic/AEMT, EMT/EMR, critical care and other courses, everything from ACLS to pediatric and obstetrics.

Live learning meets NREMT’s requirements.

All classes meet the NREMT’s requirement for live (VILT) learning – 100% online, 100% live. Our online 48 Hour Paramedic Refresher Course is accepted hour for hour as a live course by National Registry.

Accepted practically everywhere.

Distance CME courses are all accredited and universally accepted just about everywhere. Check the credentialing page for details.

Taught by practicing experts.

Besides being subject matter experts, each instructor has practical “boots on the ground” experience in international deployments, military, disaster teams, critical care, research, management and other areas that add authority to their presentations.

Convenient learning wherever your employees are.

With Distance CME, there’s no need to travel. Your classroom is anywhere there’s an internet connection. Because modules are offered over and over again at different times, they conform to your employees’ schedules. Not the other way around.

The instructors keep it interesting, even though you aren't in the same room, and you can't beat the schedule.

Dave, Paramedic, Oregon

Great idea for the people overseas. This is a lifesaver. Thanks a lot!

Brian, Firefighter/Paramedia, Iraq

This is a great program – no sitting in classrooms, no listening to boring lectures. I just completed the 48 hour program and did it at my home. It was the perfect way to complete this class.

Jim, Illinois

Distance CME enabled me to complete my paramedic recertification class in a way that fit busy schedule. The classes were live and interactive and taught by paramedics, nurses and doctors, which gave me a full spectrum of the EMS system. This was, by far, the best recert class I’ve ever taken.

Giovivanni, New Jersey

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