Pre-licensing Education Webinar

1 Hour CT SAFE Review of Connecticut Mortgage Law (Webinar)

1 Hour CT SAFE Review of Connecticut Mortgage Law provides a review of the Connecticut laws that impact mortgage activities in Connecticut. In Module 1, students will spend 20 minutes reviewing the Connecticut Abusive Home Loan Lending Practices Act, specifically required disclosures and prohibited conduct under the law. Students will also spend 20 minutes reviewing provisions of Connecticut law related to other mortgage loan types, including nonprime home loans. In Module 2, students will spend 20 minutes examining the licensing process and prohibited conduct for mortgage loan originators, mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, and mortgage correspondent lenders. In addition, students will review a Discussion Scenario after each portion of the course in order to enhance their understanding of the concepts presented. This online webinar course meets the 1-hour Connecticut-specific pre-licensing education requirement for loan originators and offers a thorough review of the information and laws that license applicants must understand in order to make, broker, or originate loans in compliance with Connecticut law.

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