Pre-licensing Education Webinar

2 Hour NE SAFE Review of Nebraska Mortgage Law (Webinar)

2 Hour NE SAFE Review of Nebraska Mortgage Law provides a review of Nebraska's Residential Mortgage Licensing Act, the Installment Loan Act, and other laws that impact mortgage activities in Nebraska. In Module 1, students will spend 30 minutes reviewing definitions and licensing exemptions found in the Nebraska Residential Mortgage Licensing Act and the Installment Loan Act, as well as 45 minutes learning about licensing qualifications, bonding, license renewal, and the inactive status designation. In Module 2, students will spend 30 minutes examining duties and prohibited acts for licensees, as well as 15 minutes reviewing administrative penalties, civil enforcement actions, and criminal penalties. This online webinar course meets the 2-hour Nebraska-specific pre-licensing education requirement for loan originators and offers a thorough review of the information and laws that license applicants must understand in order to make, broker, or originate loans in compliance with Nebraska law.

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