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2 Hour OR SAFE: A Guide to Oregon Mortgage Law (Live)

About This Course

State mortgage regulations are constantly evolving and keeping up with these changes can prove challenging. This course will focus on the laws and rules that regulate mortgage loan originators, bankers and brokers doing business in Oregon. Students taking this course will focus on a variety of topics, including a review of fictionalized scenarios based on real regulatory decisions made by the Oregon Department of Business and Consumer Services. This Oregon state elective is NMLS-approved for the two hours of state specific education required for mortgage loan originators to renew their Oregon mortgage license.
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What You'll Learn

  • Key definitions in Oregon mortgage law with which licensees should be familiar
  • Authority of Department of Commerce and Business Services and its Division of Financial Regulation
  • Duties of licensees, including recordkeeping, reporting and supervision of employees
  • Provisions of Oregon Mortgage Lender Law and the Oregon SAFE Act regarding disclosures and advertising
  • Prohibited conduct for licensees
  • Provisions of the law relating to unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practices
  • Oregon Unlawful Trade Practices Act
  • Disciplinary actions that may result from violation of the law

How it Works

This course is delivered in a face to face format in which the student and instructor will occupy and interact in the same physical location.
  • All materials for your NMLS-approved Live CE Courses will be handed to you on the scheduled day of class. Materials will include textbook(s), assessment(s), syllabi, Rules of Conduct (ROC) and a survey. At the beginning of class you will need to provide a valid photo ID during the time of registration in order to attend class. For all Live CE courses, you must be present and attentive for the full length of class. If you are unable to complete any section of the class, you will be required to reschedule. Any missed check-in will prevent you from receiving credit, and you will be required to reschedule. Before you are able to receive credit, you must also initial on the roster that you have read and understand the Rules of Conduct Document (ROC), which will be made available to you when you arrive to the class.
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