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8 Hour SAFE Elective: IN-SOS Principal Manager License 2024 CE (Online)

Since it is CE, it will expire at end of 2023 with the rest of CE and new course will be submitted for 2024

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What You'll Learn

  • The underwriting standards that apply when originating qualified mortgages
  • Similarities and differences in the underwriting standards for qualified and non-qualified mortgages
  • Components of the FHA insurance program, including mortgage insurance and qualified mortgage rules
  • Application requirements and procedures for origination of FHA loans
  • Common misrepresentations made by loan applicants to enhance their eligibility for a mortgage and the red flags for these misrepresentations
  • The implications for loan originators when knowingly submitting a loan application containing false information
  • Basic principles of money laundering and its impact on today’s markets
  • The relationship between money laundering and mortgage fraud
  • Current events related to detection and prevention of money laundering

How it Works

This is an online self-paced course that allows you to study the course material independently and at your convenience. Access to a computer with internet access is required. Please note this course is only supported for laptop or desktop computers, as NMLS requirements prohibit the consumption of licensing training on mobile devices, such as cell phones or tablets.


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