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Adding the WOW Factor to Your Credit Memorandum

After a detailed credit analysis of a loan request has been performed, it’s now time to communicate your findings in writing. Credit memoranda are a primary means of communication within the financial services industry.

When writing effective credit memoranda, it’s not what you say that commands attention, but how you say it. Credit memoranda serve three functions:

  1. They provide information on the condition and status of a customer relationship.
  2. They provide a record of thoughts and actions.
  3. They support or recommend action.

This course teaches skills required to write an effective credit memorandum. Learn to emphasize important factors and trends without stating the obvious.

In short, your credit memoranda should present relevant, material facts, along with your thoughts and opinions. Remember, anything you write in a credit memorandum will become public record if you find yourself in court with a borrower.

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What You'll Learn

  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Income statement analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Calculating and interpreting financial ratios and cash flow
  • Using analysis to determine the financial impact of changes in financial factors
  • Questions to raise with the customer after the credit analysis is completed
  • Outline of relevant factors to include in a credit memorandum
  • How to report your finding efficiently and effectively in credit memoranda
  • Apply the concepts to a study case

Who Should Attend

Commercial loan officers, consumer loan officers, credit analysts, loan review personnel, compliance officers, internal auditors, and branch managers will benefit from this course.