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Branch Manager Best Practices

How do you excel at leading while fulfilling your responsibilities as a branch manager? It's a challenge that this program aims to overcome! Come learn how to build a team that works together for the common good, and how to coach and motivate your team.

The smooth and consistent operation of your branch is critical to maintaining and attracting customers. Increasing competition dictates that you must be experience-focused. You must also learn to manage increased demand with as few staff people as possible. When expectations are high and accompanied by expert guidance, motivation, accountability, and training, the branch will perform accordingly.

Boost your expertise and your enthusiasm in this full-speed, highly motivating webinar. Participants will receive tools to use in implementation after the session.

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What You'll Learn

  • Collaborate on a performance plan
  • Customer experience that sizzles
  • Conducting difficult conversations
  • What to do with the underperformed
  • Managing your time, teaching them to manage theirs

Who Should Attend

Branch managers, assistant branch managers and those that train and/or lead them will benefit greatly from this course.