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Expert-led mortgage pre-licensing education (PE) to help you get a mortgage loan originator NMLS license in any state.

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NMLS-approved continuing education for mortgage loan officers (MLO)

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If you are not licensed in any state, you are required to take a 20 hour course that meets SAFE Act pre-license education requirements for new mortgage loan officers, plus any state-specific requirements. Each of our packages includes a 20 hour course.

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Prep xL Exam Prep tool

Includes any applicable state elective


7 or 14 day access

Online instructor-led course

In text or video format

Shop pre-licensing packages by state

NMLS-approved new license training for mortgage loan officers

Available course formats

Absorb concepts faster by choosing a format that best suits your learning style.

Online instructor-led (or OIL)

The online instructor-led format is an online course with a scheduled start and end date, which is the window of time you have to work through the course. We offer a text format and a video format. Choose to read through course content (OIL) or watch as an instructor walks through course content (OIL Video). Learn more

Online self-paced (or OSP)

This is a true self-paced course format with no start and end date. You will work through a text-based course independently and learn at your own pace without help from an instructor. The OSP format is available for state elective courses only. Learn more


Our fast-paced webinars are taught by live instructors. You will have the chance to interact and ask questions.

Live class

Our in-person classes accommodate up to 50 students and are taught by our expert mortgage instructors.

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Getting started with pre-licensing

Important things to know about pre-licensing education for MLOs.

MLO license requirements

The NMLS (Nationwide Multistate Licensing System) requires that all MLOs comply with the SAFE Act (The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act), which requires prospective MLOs to meet national PE requirements on their way towards obtaining a mortgage license. Students are required to:

  • Complete at least 20 hours of NMLS-approved mortgage education
  • Pass the NMLS licensing exam

Take a peek at our step-by-step guide to getting your MLO license.

State-specific licensing requirements

Many states require more hours of state-specific training in addition to the nationally-required 20 hours. Make sure to reference our state requirements dashboard to find your state’s exact requirements.

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Getting licensed is difficult enough but selecting your education shouldn't be. We've done the legwork for you to bundle licensing and exam prep designed to help you prepare for the NMLS exam. Simply select any states you wish to be licensed in and select an NMLS-approved new license package based on your lifestyle, aspirations and budget.

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Common questions

We've got answers to the most commonly asked pre-licensing questions.

Every states requires 20 hours of NMLS-approved pre-licensing education. A handful of states require education specific to the state. To find out how many hours you are required to take of pre-license training, use our Smart Search course selector, which will allow you to enter the states you wish to be licensed in and will show you the exact courses to take to meet the minimum hourly requirements for the states you have chosen.

Our 20 hour SAFE mortgage course consists of five modules that align with the national mortgage loan originator test content outline. The modules are as follows: Federal Laws, Mortgage Knowledge, Origination Activities, Ethics and Uniform State Test Content. For a more in-depth overview of what expect, see our frequently asked questions.

After you have completed your pre-licensing course(s), you’ll need to schedule an appointment to take the national license exam through your NMLS account. All information about this test can be found on the NMLS website.

This is now a good time to explore exam prep tools that can help you prepare for and gain the confidence needed to pass the NMLS exam the first time.

Yes, our most popular tool, Prep xL, is 5-star rated and designed to help you pass the NMLS exam the first time. We recommend working through Prep xL in tandem with your pre-licensing training as it provides tailored study plans and personalized analytics to help you study smarter, not harder. We also offer a webinar that provides the opportunity for students to ask questions and have them answered by industry-experts who have taken the exam. Learn more about our exam prep solutions.

Overview of Prep xL

NMLS is the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System responsible for administering initial MLO license applications and pre-licensing requirements along with the ongoing continuing education requirements needed to maintain mortgage licenses. Each prospective mortgage loan originator must obtain an NMLS number/create an account with the NMLS as a first step towards becoming a mortgage loan originator. Visit the NMLS website to learn more.

Follow this link to create an NMLS number. It only takes a few minutes to register.

Having an NMLS license means that you are a licensed MLO, or Mortgage Loan Originator. As an MLO you are the main point of contact for homebuyers who are looking to obtain a mortgage or who want to refinance an existing mortgage. As a licensed MLO, your job is to educate and guide borrowers through the loan process from application to closing. You present buyers with loan options that will work within their budget requirements to help them get approved. You’ll also coordinate with other mortgage professionals to obtain all information required as part of the application and will oversee the entire mortgage loan process as it progresses from beginning to end.

There are several steps you’ll need to take in order to obtain a mortgage loan officer license.

Step 1: Obtain an NMLS number / create an account

Step 2: Complete the minimum 20 hours of pre license education plus any state specific education requirements for the state(s) you want to get licensed in

Step 3: Sign up for and pass the NMLS exam (also known as the SAFE MLO test)

Step 4: Apply for your NMLS license in desired states

Step 5: Complete all required background checks, credit check, submit fingerprints, pay fees

Learn more about the details in our guide or visit the NMLS Getting Started resource.

The time it takes to become a mortgage loan officer is largely dependent on your schedule and how much time you can dedicate to completing the pre-license training requirements. We offer the national 20 hour course in both a 7-day session and a 14-day session. Timing also depends on how long it takes to pass the required NMLS exams, background checks and credit checks. On average, you can expect the process to take about 6 weeks, but that will vary for each individual depending on the specific license requirements for the state(s) they want to be licensed in.

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