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Commercial Real Estate Analysis & Investments, 3rd Edition (E-Book)


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Streamlined and completely updated with expanded coverage of corporate and international real estate investment, this upper-level real estate text presents the essential concepts, principles, and tools necessary to analyze income-producing commercial real estate from an investment perspective. This new edition continues to integrate relevant aspects of urban and financial economics to provide users with a fundamental analytical understanding and application of real estate investments—now using a student version of ARGUS(R) software on CD included with the book. ARGUS(R) software is a Windows-based program used extensively in the real estate investment industry to solve complex investment and valuation problems. Also included on the CD is a student version of Crystal Ball(R), professional-grade software used to perform risk analysis on commercial investments.

SKU 9781629800318

Authors: Geltner/Miller/Clayton/Eichholtz

Copyright: 2013