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Digital Banking Issues – What Are the Compliance Requirements?

What challenges exist to remote business interactions? For starters, there are Bank Secrecy Act issues when opening accounts and maintaining relationships with customers who are never seen.

The rise in electronic transactions means increased attention to Regulation E compliance, for example, especially when it comes to handling disputes (which are expected to increase in number). The provisions of the E-SIGN Act must be followed to the letter as well. In lending, there is now the capability to originate a loan from application to closing without ever meeting the borrower (and this includes notarization).

These are just a few examples of the many compliance issues at play in a remote environment. In this webinar, we’ll discuss these many requirements and provide you with a comprehensive grasp of the issues involved.

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What You'll Learn

  • E-SIGN issues and requirements – what can we provide electronically and when?
  • Reg. E issues, including disputes – making sure you understand the rules
  • Identifying customers under BSA and beneficial owner requirements, as well as OFAC
  • Credit card disputes under Reg. Z
  • Handling the loan application and closing process remotely
  • Handling complaints
  • Online communication through email and social media – regulatory guidance
  • Advertising issues – reaching remote customers, including opt-out rights
  • Remote Online Notarization (RON) – incorporating this into your process
  • Fair lending issues, including digital redlining
  • Privacy and information security issues

Who Should Attend

Anyone at your institution that deals with customers in a non-in-person environment, including over the phone and/or electronically, will benefit from this session. This includes customer service representatives, loan officers, compliance professionals, auditors, legal staff, management, and many more.