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Doing the Right Thing: A Real Estate Practitioners Guide to Ethical Decision Making, 4th Edition (E-Book)

Real estate professionals are confronted every day with on-the-job dilemmas with contradictory regulations, codes of conduct, or laws that make it difficult to effectively resolve ethical conflict. Written by an acknowledged expert on real estate ethics, this new edition of a timeless real estate ethics resource will provide you with simple real-life case studies and the opportunity to explore and analyze ethics in your professional business. New topics include ethically handling competitors, new required disclosures, housing discrimination, and updated discussions in agency and Gallup Poll results. "How Would You Respond" questions and Case Study exercises allow for open discussion amongst a group or thoughtful reflection for independent studies. Deborah Long's use of everyday language helps real estate agents gain an increased awareness and understanding of ethical decision making as they work through the various real-life scenarios and provocative discussion questions.
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