Professional Development Online Self-Paced

Dynamic Leadership Certificate Program

The key to getting (and keeping) a good job is about more than just completing your required training. It's about how well you communicate, work within a team, manage conflict and maintain a professional attitude in all situations. Master skills and qualities that employers in practically every industry look for in potential job candidates.

In this certificate program, you will work through a series of micro-courses at your own pace, answering questions and reading through lessons developed by industry experts. A 2-part webinar is included in the program.

Upon completing all sections, you will receive a digital certificate with your accomplishment to display on your résumé or LinkedIn profile.

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What You'll Learn

  • The key qualities of good leaders
  • How to build trust as a leader
  • How to communicate the “why” to your team
  • To be an effective coach and help others reach peak performance
  • How to run productive meetings
  • How to manage and plan employee development
  • How to hold employees accountable
  • How to run effective meetings
  • The key principles of training
  • How to strengthen your core soft skills to prepare for common day-to-day situations

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