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There are many exam prep options to choose from, but there is a reason why Prep xL was chosen 60,000 times.

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Our practice tests are modeled after the NMLS exam and are designed to challenge you, expose areas of weakness and give continuous feedback to ensure that you pass the first time.

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“[Prep xL] is an excellent tool. The course format helped me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses, providing me with confidence and areas of focus I needed to work on to ensure I would pass the exam.”

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Studying with Prep xL

Important recommendations that will help you study and maximize your results using Prep xL.

Before you start

We recommend starting Prep xL once you have completed a 20 hour pre-licensing course in preparation for the SAFE exam. This ensures you have a basic foundation of pre-licensing education to build upon as you study.


First, head to our Lessons section for a review of the 20 hour pre-licensing course content. You will be able to assign confidence levels to each of the lessons in this section. Assigning confidence levels helps Prep xL determine which topics to prioritize as you study.

Questions and Flashcards

Next, study using in the Practice and Flashcards sections to further drive home concepts covered in the 20 hour course. Once you are consistently scoring above 90% in the Practice section, we recommend moving on and taking a practice test.


The Tests section allows you to immerse yourself in a timed practice exam environment that mirrors the real thing. Once you complete a practice test, you will be able to view all of your correct and incorrect answers with detailed explanations.

Game Center

Finally, we recommend testing your knowledge in the Game Center to strengthen and test your skills. Research has shown that putting your knowledge to the test in a gaming environment enhances students' learning outcomes!

Common questions

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about Prep xL.

To access your Prep xL study tools, look for a separate confirmation email (from confirmations@oncourselearning.com) that will contain a link to complete your Prep xL registration. The email will have the subject line: Confirmation of Access to National + UST Mortgage PrepXL.

Note: your login information will be different from your OnCourse Learning training login.

Once your registration is complete, you can always reset your password online or give us a call at 1-888-801-1900 to reset it.

You will have access to your new Prep xL account for 365 days from your date of purchase.

Once you sign in, your study plans can be found under the Study Plan tab located in the left navigation on the page. There are 2 plans you can switch between at anytime as you study.

The Structured Plan is the default plan and will give you a certain number of questions to answer each day. This number is based on the goal exam date that you will set. We recommend setting your goal to a day before you are scheduled to take your in-person NMLS exam. This plan is the same for all students and does not focus on a specific category or subject.

The Adaptive Plan will show more practice questions specific to the areas you need to improve in. It also will show fewer questions related to categories/topics you have already mastered. You're goal date will be utilized to ensure enough questions are asked each day in order to make sure you are prepared by your goal date. To use the Adaptive Plan, you are required to take an adaptive assessment to evaluate your confidence levels in each category/topic, or have already answered multiple practice questions.

NMLS Exam Prep - Study Plan Navigation Screenshot

Prep xL covers the all sections of the SAFE exam, including the National and UST (Uniform State Test) components of the exam.

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