How do I use Prep xL to study for the SAFE MLO exam?

We recommend starting Prep xL once you have completed a 20 hour pre-licensing course in preparation for the NMLS SAFE Exam.

First, start with the Lessons section, as it will be a refresher of the 20 hour pre-licensing course. You will be able to assign a confidence level to each of the lessons in the section.

Next, we recommend using either Flashcards or Practice to study the material that was covered in the 20 hour course. Once you are consistently scoring above 90% in the Practice section, we then recommend moving on to the Tests section.

The Tests section will only show you the correct and incorrect answers once you have answered all 125 questions in a test.

Prep xL also offers more interactive study approaches located under the Game Center section.

Video: How to use Prep xL