What can I expect from a 20 Hour SAFE course?

The 20 Hour SAFE is an online course that you will have to do the reading, assignment, quizzes and final exams. The instructor is virtual, and will be available throughout the entire session to provide assistance should you need it.

The instructor also grades all assignments, provides feedback, and unlocks the final exam for the completion of the course.

The course starts at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. You have access to this course for 24 hours, up until the last day.

Once the date and start time for the session that you have signed up for has passed, you are able to login into the course at any time. You have either 7 or 14 days to complete the course material and the final exam to get credit for the course depending on which timeframe you selected. Your progress will be saved exactly where you exit out of the course.

This is not quite a self-paced course:

  • Each module unlocks at a certain date and time. Please refer to your Orientation (about 70% the way through) for these times and dates. This means that no matter how far you get in your first module, you will not be able to move onto your second module until 1PM EST on the given date in your Orientation.
  • Each module has an overall timer which is the minimum amount of active time required to be in that module. You will not be able to move forward to the next module until this time has elapsed.
  • There is a deadline for all assignments in this course. That deadline is on the last day at 6:30PM EST. If this deadline is not met, you will need to start the course over.
  • The final deadline is at 11PM EST. If the final is not passed by this time, you will need to start the course over again.
  • There is no set time to log into the course; you just can’t access the course before the course is unlocked.