What is Prep xL?

Prep xL is an exam prep tool for anyone that is preparing to take their mortgage license exam. It leverages personalized learning technology to tailor study materials and create customized learning paths to help you prepare for and pass the NMLS SAFE exam.

Note: Prep xL is not reported to the NMLS when completed, since it is a study companion and is not for credit.

Prep xL includes:

  • Over 1800 practice questions.
  • Customized st​udy plan that includes daily goals that adapt to meet your individual study needs.
  • Eleven full-length, timed exams that simulate an actual testing environment.
  • Powerful self-assessments and readiness data to track your progress and identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Over 800 interactive flashcards covering a glossary of terms used in the mortgage industry.


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