What is the difference between the Structured and Adaptive Plans?

Once you sign in, your plans can be found under the Study Plan tab located at the top left of the page. You can switch between each plan at anytime.

The Structured Plan is the default plan and will give you a certain number of questions to answer each day. This number is based on the goal date that you set. We recommend setting your goal to a day before you are scheduled to take your in-person NMLS exam. This plan is the same for all students and does not focus on a specific category or subject.

The Adaptive Plan requires that you have already answered multiple practice questions or that you will need to take an adaptive assessment to evaluate your confidence levels in each category. You will then be shown more questions specific to the areas you need to improve your understanding and fewer questions specific to categories you have already mastered. This plan also utlizies your goal date to ensure enough questions are asked each day.

Video: How to use Prep xL