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Impactful Communication Certificate Program

Learn communication skills (both written and verbal) that are vital in interactions with internal and external clients, effective listening techniques, how to send successful emails, the best methods for handling conflict, public speaking tips and tricks and much more. Master skills and qualities that employers in practically every industry look for in potential job candidates.

In this certificate program, you will work through a series of micro-courses at your own pace, answering questions and reading through lessons developed by industry experts. A 2-part webinar is included in the program.

Upon completing all sections, you will receive a digital certificate with your accomplishment to display on your résumé or LinkedIn profile.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to set expectations properly
  • The key rules of effective communication
  • How to send successful and impactful emails
  • The most effective techniques to become a better listener
  • How to turn conflict into a positive and healthy experience
  • How to be more effective when speaking to large and small groups
  • How to strengthen your core soft skills to prepare for common day-to-day situations

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