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Loan Portfolio Management to Satisfy Regulatory Expectations

We will explore various management techniques proven to be effective during tough periods, including types of information from borrowers to determine if the existing risks posed by the borrower are acceptable to the bank; various management reports required to provide vital information to managers; effective credit risk rating of the bank’s loan portfolio and the impact it will have on the allowance for loan and lease losses; understanding the definition of a creditworthy borrower; effective credit file management to ensure credit files are up to date and provide documentation to support the bank’s initial loan decision; effective loan officer customer contact to stay ahead of the borrower’s activities; and loan portfolio stress testing.

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What You'll Learn

  • Staying ahead of current trends affecting loan portfolios
  • Understanding how regulators view borrowers’ creditworthiness
  • Managing and motivating loan officers to produce to their full potential
  • Understanding the information required to effectively manage loan portfolios, and interpreting that information for the Board
  • Risk-rating loans utilizing a clear, measurable, objective grading system

Who Should Attend

Senior Credit Officers/Risk Managers, Senior Loan Officers, Commercial Loan Officers, Consumer Loan Officers, Branch Managers, Loan Review Officers, Directors, CEOs and Presidents will benefit from this webinar.