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Nevada Master Exam Prep Package

About This Package

Prepare to pass your national real estate exam with these OnCourse Learning Real Estate exam prep tools.

The Nevada Master Exam Prep Package includes all the tools you’ll need to prepare for the national information on your upcoming real estate license exam.

This package includes:
National Real Estate Prep xL - PSI: This sophisticated exam prep tool uses adaptive learning technology to develop a personalized study plan and tailor practice questions and tests to meet your individual needs. Includes over 1,600 practice questions and eight timed practice exams.

Real Estate Exam Prep Toolkit: This unique toolkit includes flashcards to help you review important national terminology, a course review of agency, contracts, finance and law, as well as helpful exam taking tips to maximize efficiency throughout the exam.

Pass the First Time – Guaranteed! Prep xL is so powerful, we guarantee you'll past your state exam the first time.


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What's Included

  • Mathmaster
  • National Real Estate Prep xL - PSI
  • Prep xL Instructions
  • Real Estate Recorded Review: National
  • Real Estate Test-Taking Tips: National
  • Real Estate Flashcards: National