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New Accounts Study Part 2: When One Person Acts for Another - Fiduciary Accounts

What is a fiduciary? How are they supposed to behave? What is acting in the best interests of the owner? These questions will be addressed in our second session on these high-level accounts. You will learn what each job can and cannot do. You will receive information on document requirements for these accounts and get into the common errors we make on signature cards. Learn how to handle these accounts at the death of the owner or at the death of the fiduciary.

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What You'll Learn

  • Uniform Transfer to Minors Account
  • Guardian Account
  • Conservator Account
  • Social Security Representative Payee Account
  • Social Security Rep Payee—Dedicated Account
  • Social Security Rep Payee—Burial Account
  • Social Security Rep Payee—Collective Account
  • Veterans Federal Fiduciary Account
  • Formal Revocable Trust Account
  • Formal Irrevocable Trust Account
  • Bankruptcy Accounts
  • Quiz

Who Should Attend

Customer service representatives, personal bankers, call center representatives, branch managers, tellers, branch operations, and training.