Continuing Education Package

New York 22.5 hrs. Commercial CE (Package C)

About This Package

Complete the 22.5-hour continuing education requirement for New York real estate agent and brokers and keep your focus on commercial real estate with this package.

It consists of 5 courses:

- Commercial Leases 7.5hrs M13311

- Principles of Commercial Real Estate 3.75hrs M13310

- ADA and Fair Housing (meets Fair Housing requirement) 3.75hrs M13305

- Law and Agency (meets Agency requirement) 3.75hrs M13304

- Ethics in Real Estate 3.75 hrs M13307


22.5 Credit Hours

What's Included

  • Commercial Leases
  • Ethics in Real Estate - Meets the Law of Agency Requirement
  • New York License Law and Agency
  • Principles of Commercial Real Estate
  • ADA and Fair Housing