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Prescriptive Selling Certificate Program

Sales teams keep companies in business. Without sales, there would be no company. To perform optimally, it is vital that sales leaders focus on their team’s development and any areas of weakness that have yet to be addressed. This certificate program offers the blueprint for effective upselling techniques, handling potential objections, building urgency in the sales process and more. Master the skills and qualities employers in practically every industry look for in potential job candidates.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to choose the right goals and metrics
  • How to build urgency into your sales process
  • How to sell and adjust based on your customers' unique situation
  • How to identify and proceed to the next step in your sales process
  • How to help your client get in a decision-making mindset in real-time
  • How to identify, address and overcome potential objections
  • Proven strategies to upsell naturally and effectively
  • How to strengthen your core soft skills to prepare for common day-to-day situations

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