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Secrets to Being a Great Call Center Agent

Call centers create a competitive advantage for institutions that train their agents to know what to say, what not to say, and how to sell while maximizing productivity and quality.

After all, it is the call center agent’s approach to call handling and member service that determines if they will have the opportunity to increase the relationship with the institution and turn the customer into a fan.

In this webinar, call center agents will learn to use professional call management procedures to handle calls with skill and learn how to take customer interactions beyond courteous to building rapport and expanding customer relationships.

We'll cover how to build a plan for call center agent performance improvement, provide skill improvement tips, and discuss how to become a self-directed learner.

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What You'll Learn

  • Sell, up-sell, and cross-sell
  • How to become a customer advocate
  • Using voice tone and keywords to show empathy
  • Effective problem-solving with complaining callers
  • Reducing escalated calls

Who Should Attend

Call center personnel, supervisors, trainers, and anyone with authority over call center contact personnel would benefit from this webinar.