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Texas Real Estate Pre-licensing Platinum Plus Solution (Includes 90-Hours SAE)

About This Package

Welcome to the most powerful and comprehensive exam prep package on the market. 

The Texas Real Estate Pre-licensing Platinum Plus Solution is a massive bundle of knowledge, tips and strategies. It covers the 180 hours of instruction and 90 hours of mandatory SAE for your first license renewal. This package features:

      • Texas Principles of Real Estate, a 60-hour course fulfills both the Principles I & II Texas-qualifying requirement.
      • A 30-hour course that satisfies the qualifying Texas for Promulgated Contract Forms requirement.
      • Law of Agency, 30-hour course covering agreements with buyers and sellers, intermediaries, agency concepts, fiduciary duties, employment issues and agency termination.
      • Law of Contracts, 30-hour course covering contract creation, contract law, contract forms and breaches and provisions.
      • Real Estate Finance, 30-hour course covering how to analyze and finance income-producing real property.
      • Complete Texas Real Estate Prep xL - State and National, our powerful, state-of-the-art exam prep tool. It uses adaptive learning technology to create study materials that meet your individual needs. 
      • Real Estate Exam Prep Toolkit: This unique exam prep toolkit gives you a variety of tools to help you understand and retain the knowledge needed for the National information on your real estate exam. 
      • MathMaster, Includes hands-on practice problems and detailed explanations of all formulas.
      • Textbook Bundle, which includes Texas Real Estate, Real Estate Finance, Texas Real Estate Brokerage and Law of Agency, Texas Real Estate Contracts and Texas Real Estate Promulgated Contracts.
      • Texas Real Estate Law (SAE), covering real estate law and subsequent requirements in accordance to the Texas Constitution, as well as various acts and codes relevant to Texas real estate.
      • Texas Real Estate Investment (SAE), covering real estate investment characteristics, investment analysis techniques, time-valued money, discounted and non-discounted investment criteria, leverage, tax shelters, depreciation and applications to property tax.
      • Texas Real Estate Appraisal (SAE), mandatory pre-license course that provides a detailed overview of the appraisal industry.
      • In addition to the above, we provide unlimited customer and technical support during business hours in case any issues arise. 

        Additional courses are required for first renewal for sales agents and for those who have been made a supervisor by their broker for six months or more.

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270 Credit Hours

What's Included

  • Texas Law of Contracts
  • Texas Promulgated Contracts
  • Texas Real Estate Finance
  • Texas Law of Agency
  • Texas Principles of Real Estate I
  • Texas Principles of Real Estate II
  • Texas Real Estate Appraisal
  • Texas Real Estate Law
  • Texas Real Estate Investment
  • Texas Real Estate, 12th Edition
  • Texas Real Estate Contracts
  • Texas Real Estate Brokerage and Law of Agency, 6th Edition
  • Real Estate Finance, 10th Edition
  • Texas Real Estate Promulgated Contracts
  • Mathmaster
  • Texas Real Estate Exam Prep - State and National
  • Real Estate Recorded Review: National
  • Real Estate Test-Taking Tips: National
  • Real Estate Flashcards: National
  • Prep xL Instructions