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CFPB Examinations: Understanding Procedures, Ensuring Compliance (OSP)

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has the authority to conduct examinations of a number of entities participating in the financial industry, including mortgage professionals. In its comprehensive Supervision and Examination Manual, the CFPB presents nearly 1,000 pages of examination procedures - a daunting prospect for a mortgage professional attempting to learn about the process. This course highlights the portion of the Manual dedicated specifically to examinations of mortgage professionals, breaking down those procedures step by step. From the start of the examination process to the final outcome, this course helps students to understand the goals of a CFPB examination, each step involved, and potential results. This professional development online course allows mortgage originators to gain a clearer understanding of what they may expect if they face an examination, and highlights the importance of maintaining day-to-day compliance to ensure positive examination results, a successful and compliant business, and, most importantly, a low level of potential risk to consumers.


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