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Reverse Mortgages (OSP)

As more Americans begin to shift into the later stages of life, the"Baby Boomer" generation is, in many cases, looking for additional options to meet the financial demands of its golden years. One mortgage product that has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years has been the reverse mortgage. Reverse mortgage loans are available only to people who meet a certain age threshold and other requirements; while they do offer a way for seniors to meet the costs of living later in life, it is important for mortgage professionals and borrowers alike to understand both the benefits and the risks of reverse mortgage products. This professional development online course take students through a review of what exactly reverse mortgage loans are, the types of products available, and to whom they are best suited. In addition, students will explore government-insured reverse mortgage loans in-depth, understand prohibitions and regulations for these loan types under the law, and examine the steps of the reverse mortgage lending process.


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