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ecuritization and the Secondary Mortgage Market (OSP)

The process of obtaining and originating residential mortgage loans plays a huge role in the stability of the economy, in both the United States and financial markets across the globe. Recent turmoil in the housing and financial industries has placed a spotlight on securitization. In the mortgage industry, securitization refers to the bundling of mortgage loans by a third party to resell to investors. The third parties responsible for the facilitation and initial resale of these bundles of loans are typically Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, government-sponsored enterprises; Ginnie Mae, a government agency; or private financial institutions. This professional development online course will review basic concepts related to securitization, explore its role in the mortgage industry, and learn about who is typically involved in the process. Students will also examine further investment opportunities that can result from the formation of mortgage-backed securities, and learn about the future of this part of the industry.


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