Webinar Policy & Procedure Reminders

Given the increase in popularity of webinars over the course of the past year, we would like to share a few important reminders to ensure students receive credit for the webinars they take. To receive credit for a webinar, students must adhere to the following NMLS-compliant webinar policies related to identity verification and attendance.

Rules of Conduct (ROC) Policy

NMLS Rules of Conduct (ROCs) have been established by the NMLS to ensure education is delivered and completed with integrity by both instructors and students. The ROCs are sent to students prior to the webinar, and each student must sign and submit the document prior to scheduled class start time. Any student who does not sign the ROC document prior to scheduled class start time will not receive credit and will need to reschedule.

Webinar Attendance Policy

NMLS rules require students to be present for the entire scheduled course. If a student is absent or misses any portion of a webinar, credit will not be given, and the student must make up the entire course in another live class or webinar offering. The facilitator will record any time missed and include a note on the sign-in sheet in the event a student is not in attendance, departs early, or is late for the webinar. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Webinar Group Policy

For clients who request employees attend the webinar as a group, the client must notify OnCourse Learning no less than one day prior to start date and the entire group (comprising all registrants) must must log on at least 15 minutes prior to start time of class.*

  • No more than eight (8) people may sit in one room and the web camera must be turned on.
    • Each person in a group must always be visible on the camera.
    • At the beginning of class and right after lunch, each person in the group will be required to walk up to camera and show an ID to verify his or her name, and then type in his or her NMLS# and DOB.
    • The facilitator will monitor the camera all day to make sure everyone is sitting in the room the whole time and paying attention. If a student is found not to be paying attention or is disruptive, facilitator will email the OnCourse Learning Account Representative that no credit will be given to that student.
    • Any person from the group may ask questions of the instructor in the chat window throughout the day.
  • In the event a group of more than eight (8) people sitting in one room with one computer logged into the webinar, the client must have an OnCourse Learning approved facilitator on site during entire class.
  • The facilitator will have a paper sign-in sheet each student must fill out throughout the day for attendance.

Webinar Rescheduling Policy

Webinar change requests will be honored, at no cost, for any student who informs an OnCourse Learning account representative three (3) or more business days prior to the start date of the webinar. Rescheduled dates cannot be guaranteed and will be based on availability.

  • A $50 rescheduling fee will be charged to any student who changes a Federal continuing education (CE) or pre-license (PE) webinar date, less than three (3) business days prior to the start date.
  • A $25 rescheduling fee will be charged to any student who changes a State Law CE or PE webinar dateless than three (3) business days prior to the start date.

How Are Students Notified About NMLS Webinar Policies?
  • Upon enrollment, student will receive an Enrollment Details confirmation email with course and login information.
  • Four (4) days prior to class start date, students receive the Webinar Attendance and Rescheduling Policies email, which includes the webinar attendance policy, rescheduling fees and ROC document policy; webinar attendance and rescheduling policies are also included on the OnCourse Learning website and in the 2020-2021 syllabi.
  • One (1) day prior to the scheduled webinar, students receive the OnCourse Learning Webinar Invitation email which includes the class schedule, materials, login information, and the reminder that the ROC document needs to be signed prior to the webinar and to watch for the DocuSign email.
  • One (1) day prior to the scheduled webinar, students receive the NMLS Rules of Conduct via email from DocuSign.
  • A second email reminder is sent no later than one hour prior to webinar and will continue up to the webinar.