Compliance Keeper 2.0 alleviates mortgage lending compliance risk and worry

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February 5, 2018


BROOKFIELD, Wis. — Financial institution executives in charge of mortgage lending compliance training now have a solution to stay ahead of employee training, certification and licensing requirements with the launch of Compliance Keeper 2.0 by OnCourse Learning Financial Services.

The new product alleviates mortgage lending compliance issues regularly plaguing compliance officers, such as tracking loan officers’ completed pre-licensing and continuing education courses, compliance report generation, and assessing company risk and liability.

Meeting compliance challenges

“Two of the biggest challenges compliance officers face is tracking employee training and efficiently and effectively creating a compliance report during an audit,” said Brett Shively, executive vice president of financial services for OnCourse Learning.

Compliance Keeper 2.0 addresses both concerns by offering concise and actionable insight into employee mortgage compliance requirements,” Shively said. “The collection of employee training and licensing data through a cloud-based learning management system ensures compliance managers have required information at their fingertips.”

Mortgage lending compliance made easy

Compliance Keeper 2.0 empowers financial services compliance departments to administer, schedule, communicate, report and customize employee training programs to ensure compliance and success.

Additional benefits of the new product are:

  • Mitigation of risk, and time and money savings on audit preparation.
  • Ability to meet state and national regulatory compliance requirements on time.
  • Automatic notifications that alert managers and employees to training and compliance deadlines.
  • Review of all company license information in one dashboard.
  • Actionable insight into employee certification needs.
  • Continuity of training across departments and/or branches.

While Compliance Keeper was initially designed for the mortgage industry, Compliance Keeper 2.0has functional application across all OnCourse Learning markets, including the bank and credit union verticals of OnCourse Learning Financial Services and in the OnCourse Learning healthcare markets.

OnCourse Learning Financial Services is a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance training for the bank, mortgage, credit union, gaming and nonbank financial services industries. It offers a comprehensive course catalog complemented by its sophisticated learning management system. To learn more, please contact 866-512-9888, visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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