New exam prep tool boosts national mortgage licensing exam success

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February 22, 2018

BROOKFIELD, Wis. — A new online exam preparation tool, Prep xL by OnCourse Learning, is now available to mortgage professionals across the country who are studying for the national portion of the licensing exam.

Many test prep tools fail students by only providing a very general overview of the subject matter. This outdated approach leaves mortgage professionals unsure of what their own strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to taking the S.A.F.E. Mortgage Loan Originator Test.

Brett Shivelyv2

Brett Shively

“Prep xL customizes the learning experience by zeroing in on the specific areas where an individual student needs to focus based on their knowledge of the topic,” said Brett Shively, executive vice president of financial services for OnCourse Learning. “By providing targeted practice based on a student’s exam date and on topics pertinent to mortgage professionals, students leave the experience fully confident in their ability to pass the exam.”

Addresses knowledge gaps

Prep xL by OnCourse Learning provides a personalized, engaging experience that addresses each individual’s knowledge gaps and improves learning outcomes. The exam prep platform also includes study support tools like interactive flashcards and learning games. It also offers an impressive mobile experience, allowing students to learn on the go.

The newly launched test preparation product assesses each student’s topic knowledge, takes into account different learning styles and abilities, and provides multiple ways for students to prepare and practice for the exam.

Path to exam success

Prep xL by OnCourse Learning provides multiple ways to help students prepare, including practice questions and sample tests. A tailor-made dashboard rounds out the experience and tracks students’ progress, providing the following actionable data:

  • A personalized study plan to keep students on track as they prepare for their exam.
  • Daily goals to guide students to the next step in their study plan.
  • Real-time feedback via a progress bar that reminds students how far they’ve advanced in their plan and where they left off on the previous visit.

Prep xL is a new addition to OnCourse Learning’s Mortgage Lender solutions, which also includes NMLS-approved training programs, Compliance Training Courses and new OnCourse Unplugged video courses.

For more information

Mortgage professionals can learn more by visiting Prep xL by OnCourse Learning.

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