Legendary educator’s teachings available as CE series for healthcare professionals

November 1, 2016

Lessons featuring Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a pioneer in death and dying, grief launch this month

BROOKFIELD, Wis. — Some of the audio teachings of the late Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, MD, whose theories include the groundbreaking Five Stages of Grief, launch today as a three-part, interprofessional video CE series, “Lessons from the Dying Patient.”

The courses are a joint effort by Nurse.com and ContinuingEducation.com — two premier healthcare brands of OnCourse Learning — and the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation.

The original audio recordings of Dr. Kübler-Ross, a Swiss-born psychiatrist, author and research pioneer whose acclaimed book “On Death and Dying” was published in 1969, will feature photographs from throughout her life.

“There’s a visual story being told as you listen to her,” said Jennifer Mensik, PhD, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, executive director for nursing, medicine and pharmacy education programs for OnCourse Learning. “Some of the pictures that we’re using are exclusively from the family from when she was a child and during her career.”

Dr. Kübler-Ross dedicated her life to educating people around the world about death, dying and grief.

The courses, which are accredited for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, dietitians and social workers, will be released throughout November, which is designated as National Hospice & Palliative Care Month by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. The topics include:

  • Nov. 1: The Fear of Death
  • Nov. 8: The Five Stages of Grieving
  • Nov. 15: Children and Death & Sudden Death

“Her work is not only inspirational, but also very important on both personal and societal levels,” said Ken Ross, Elisabeth’s son and the foundation’s founder. “She pioneered the most widely-used techniques for helping dying patients and their families, which have obtained even more recognition and validity with every passing year.”

No matter what setting a healthcare provider works in, death and dying are commonplace.

“About 20 percent of patients still die in hospitals,” Mensik said. “How do we give everyone the education they need to take care of these patients? These courses get people thinking, and it starts the conversation in healthcare organizations about how each of us works with death and dying and our own fears. Through her stories and her original work, we’re able to learn from her about this important topic and engage people to seek further education.”

To learn more about the courses or to sign up, visit our website.

A video preview of the courses is available on YouTube.

Dr. Kübler-Ross is considered one of the founders of the modern-day hospice movement in the U.S. She is the author of two dozen books, which have sold in excess of 10 million copies around the world.

TIME Magazine named her “one of the 100 most important thinkers of the 20th century.” She was chosen Woman of the Year in 1977 by Ladies Home Journal and was the publication’s Woman of the Decade for sciences for the 1970s. She is perhaps most known for the Kübler-Ross model, in which she advanced the now-famous Five Stages of Grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance) as a normal pattern of adjustment to the reality of impending death.

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About The Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation
The Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation is 501(c)(3) volunteer-based organization inspired by the life of psychiatrist, humanitarian and hospice pioneer, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. The Foundation participates in initiatives and collaborates with individuals and/or organizations that, among other goals, enhance compassionate care for the seriously ill and/or the dying; enhance end-of-life care for special populations; enhance communication surrounding all aspects of end-of-life care and compassionate care of the dying; enhance compassion and understanding of those who are grieving regardless of cause or origin; and further the wishes of the end-of-life patient while respecting his or her right to humane treatment and compassionate care. To learn more, visit www.ekrfoundation.org.


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