OnCourse Learning Debuts Six New Real Estate Courses in Print

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April 28, 2016

BROOKFIELD, Wis. — OnCourse Learning recently published six continuing education books that previously were offered only online to provide students with an additional method of learning. The books, which meet elective requirements for most states, were published via OnCourse Learning Publishing.

“Our continuing education customers expressed the desire for us to meet the needs of all students,” said Eric Solecki, Vice President of Product Management for OnCourse Learning Real Estate. “We met the challenge and created educational materials to engage both live classroom and distance education learning styles. Each book can be paired with its online counterpart, used in a classroom setting or referenced as a supplemental professional development resource.”

The following six OnCourse Learning real estate books now are offered in print:

Avoiding legal problems is essential, and this book provides an overview to help minimize liability. Students will learn to establish agency policies; develop effective marketing, advertising and anti-discrimination practices; and maintain proper records.

Properly pricing a piece of real estate makes it easier for real estate agents to show and sell. This book helps students learn to correctly price property by comparing the appraisal process and the Competitive Market Analysis approach. It uses practical applications, real-world examples and illustrations to ensure students learn how to price residential properties and income-producing properties.

Addressing the fundamental role of real estate agents in the mortgage lending process is key to a successful transaction. This book examines how to qualify buyers and avoid pitfalls in the process, and covers the Ability-to-Repay and Qualified Mortgage Rule       in depth.

Real estate professionals can increase their value to customers by learning the tax implications on U.S. home sales. This book offers strategies every real estate agent can use: How to identify the sources of active, portfolio and passive income; how long- and short-term capital gains and losses are treated; and how depreciation affects taxable income, cost basis and taxation of capital gains. This title also looks at the ownership and use requirements for claiming a section 121 exclusion of gain and how to calculate taxable home sales gains.

If you are ready to start a brokerage business, this book can help you succeed. Students will learn to develop a business plan, set up a management team, develop an ad campaign and determine the costs involved in running a company.

This book is designed to improve real estate licensees’ knowledge of green energy, green housing and the types of green certification available. The housing market is becoming increasingly greener because of both regulatory and consumer demand. Readers will learn the techniques used in green building and the benefits of green building for energy efficiency, resource conservation and marketability.

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