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July 20, 2017

PrepxL-dashboardLaunch of Prep xL exam prep tool to benefit real estate students first.

BROOKFIELD, Wis. — A new online exam prep tool, Prep xL by OnCourse Learning, delivers a personalized, engaging learning experience that increases the chance of success for individuals preparing to pass a licensing examPrep xL will be available to individuals in three industries that OnCourse Learning proudly serves: financial services, healthcare and real estate.

The newly launched test preparation product assesses each student’s topic knowledge, takes into account different learning styles and abilities, and provides multiple ways to prepare and practice for the exam.

Test preparation platform availability

Prep xL is now available to real estate students across the country who are studying for the national portion of the licensing exam.

The following states can utilize the new exam prep tool to prepare for both national and state-specific information on their license exam:

To purchase Prep xL in your state, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the ProSchools Real Estate page.
  2. Select your state from the drop down list.
  3. Click the Exam Prep button.

“Prep xL personalizes the learning experience by identifying the specific areas where an individual student needs to focus — and provides targeted practice in those areas — as well as where the skill and knowledge base is strongest,” said David Shoemaker, chief learning officer at OnCourse Learning. “Prep xL zeroes in on what individual students need to know to ensure they’re ready for the exam. It’s like having a tutor help pave the way to success. Students leave the experience fully confident in their ability to pass the exam.”

Prep xL for healthcare and financial services, too

Following its release in the real estate market, the exam prep tool soon will be made available to individuals preparing for licensure tests and certifications in the financial services and healthcare industries.

Path to exam success

Prep xL by OnCourse Learning provides multiple ways to help students prepare, including practice questions and sample tests. A personalized dashboard rounds out the experience and tracks students’ progress, providing the following actionable data:

  • A personalized study plan to keep students on track as they prepare for their exam.
  • Daily knowledge goals to guide students to the next step in their study plan.
  • A progress bar to remind students how far they’ve advanced in their study plan and where they left off on their previous visit.

“For any prospective real estate agent getting ready to take the licensure exam, Prep xL is the gold standard in personalized learning,” said Brian Sholly, executive vice president of real estate at OnCourse Learning. “It leverages an adaptive study plan based on the individual’s needs and a variety of interactive test preparation tools focused on state-specific material to help students excel.”

“With Prep xL, OnCourse Learning continues to be a pioneer in the professional learning space, delivering exceptional value to learners,” said Ashish Rangnekar, CEO and co-founder of BenchPrep, which helps learners improve outcomes. “BenchPrep’s partnership with OnCourse Learning serves as an exciting opportunity to accelerate professional success by putting the learner’s experience first.”

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