Patient scenarios offer life-like learning for EMS professionals

June 1, 2017

Distance CME by OnCourse Learning brings training to next level with virtual environments

BROOKFIELD, Wis. — Emergency medical services managers and educators often are challenged with how to prove the competency of their providers.

A new collection of 24 virtual patient care scenarios from Distance CME by OnCourse Learning offers the ability to confirm EMS providers’ skills in a modern way.

Scott McConnell

Scott McConnell

“Virtual patient training is more exciting and more life-like than a lecture,” said Scott McConnell, RN, CEN, PHRN, NRP, co-founder of Distance CME by OnCourse Learning. “This lets you interact with a patient in a variety of ways. You’re in the patient’s environment. It’s fun because of the gaming aspect, and it’s as life-like as most video games.”

The 18 adult and six pediatric scenarios are part of a new educational opportunity with 3D or 2D capabilities, depending on the user’s computer system. Each scenario has a 15-minute time limit, making the series equal to 6.0 hours of continuing education.

In one example, a dispatcher sends EMS to a call for an adult male patient with respiratory distress. Upon arrival, the EMS professional on scene asks questions, assesses the patient’s condition, offers treatment, then decides whether transport to a hospital is necessary.

“This is a learning environment, so it allows providers to work through each case at their own pace,” McConnell said. “They can work through questioning, assessment and treatment with each patient, then decide if it’s time for transport.”

A decision to transport a patient moves providers to a scene in the back of an ambulance.

The cases also offer an option to practice charting after each case, including correct verbage to use to simplify billing.

“The charting feature walks you through the process and gives you suggestions,” McConnell said. “Correctly charting is invaluable when it comes to EMS agencies receiving fair compensation for the services they provide.”

To sign up or learn more about the patient care scenarios, visit the course page online.

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