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January 19, 2017

OnCourse Learning’s revamped online banking and credit union course catalog for 2017 is designed to make it easy for training managers to determine which course best meets the needs of employees.

Brett Shivelyv2

Brett Shively

“We have completely overhauled our banking and credit union catalog with new bundles to make it as turnkey as possible for training managers toassign specific courses to employees,” said Brett Shively, executive vice president for financial services for OnCourse Learning. “These new solutions save time for the busy training manager and help employees remain compliant with the latest regulations.”

Bundle breakdown

All of the new solutions, which include exceptional client support, provide simplified training options to ensure:

  • Compliance risk mitigation
  • Technology-based personal learning
  • Upgraded user experience
  • Fresh and current content
  • Trackable employee success

Breakthrough Training

Our Breakthrough Training bundle is the most comprehensive solution. The 500-course bundle offers full access to the entire OnCourse Learning library. Managers are able to assign department- and position-specific courses, alleviating the worry about staff missing any extensive regulatory and professional development content. The Mortgage Lending Series, Diversity and Inclusion Course and Professional Skills Series are just some of the topics offered.

Expansion Training

The Expansion Training bundle provides employees with core compliance training in fundamental regulatory and risk-management areas. With 300 courses, this bundle provides managers with the ability to:

  • Evolve and expand the program as needed.
  • Train employees based on responsibility level.
  • Assign department-specific topics.

Expansion bundle topics include deposit compliance, retail banking, cybersecurity, enterprise risk management and lending compliance.

This solution includes a refresher series, which allows financial institutions to save time and money while remaining compliant. These courses include a concise version of the Expansion Training bundle content and the same examination. The refresher series option allows staff with the knowledge and experience to save time while demonstrating a satisfactory level of comprehension.

Ascent Training

This option is for institutions that already have their own learning management platform but need the most up-to-date and customizable course content. The Ascent Training bundle allows managers to choose from among groups of courses or individual courses to meet specific needs.

Mortgage Lending Training

Our Mortgage Lending Training bundle offers courses that include NMLS-approved content. These courses, which make the most efficient use of user time, will ensure team members are thoroughly educated on the compliance requirements associated with the mortgage lending lifecycle.

To learn more, visit the 2017 online banking and credit union course catalog.

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