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April 2, 2018

BROOKFIELD, Wis. — OnCourse Learning Real Estate’s “Starting a Successful Brokerage,” webinar series provides real estate agents and those studying to become a broker in charge the basics of getting a brokerage up and running.

Hosted by the company’s Education Manager Richard Gallegos, DREI, CDEI, the remaining one-hour webinars of this five-part successful brokerage webinar series are packed with essential information to help webinar attendees get started and succeed. Registration to participate in the successful brokerage webinars April 3, April 17 and May 1 is required.

Gallegos for Word Press

Richard Gallegos

“I will provide attendees with information to get a real estate brokerage off to a great start in each of these presentations,” Gallegos said.  Gallegos has spent more than 20 years as a licensed assistant broker.

“Whether someone has just become a broker or is considering becoming one, these three modules will shed light on what it takes to get the office up and running, getting a management team in place and identifying the costs involved in running a company,” Gallegos said.

Webinar schedule

The following sessions of the successful brokerage webinar series are broken into  one-hour modules. Each session scheduled to begin at noon ET. The schedule is as follows:

  • April 3 — Business Setup: Find out what office procedures are for both business and fiscal management. Also, understand how to work with banking institutions, implement bookkeeping procedures and get suggestions for retaining financial records.
  • April 17 — Management of the Office: There are many important aspects to running an office.  Learn about setting up a management team, dealing with personnel, outsourcing and managing licensing and documentation.
  • May 1 — Planning for Growth: The final session will focus on the future of the new business. Get an overview of fixed and variable costs of a brokerage and the relationship to the break-even point. Webinar participants will also learn how to meet production and profitability goals, and how sales teams, home offices and personal assistants are being used in the real estate industry today.

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