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Arizona 9-Hour Broker Management Clinic CE Package

About This Package

Need to complete your mandatory broker management courses? This comprehensive package fulfills all 9 hours required by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. In these courses you will learn about marketing and advertising, broker supervision, risk management, policy development, managing complaints and more. Get started today!

Arizona Broker Management Clinic 1 (3 hours):This course covers will introduce you to the requirements and regulations that all designated or self-employed brokers must adhere to in Arizona. Learn about specific practices and mandates, including proper record keeping, overseeing advertising, trust fund requirements, broker audits, real estate employment agreements, property management concerns, disclosure obligations, reasonable supervision, and unlicensed activity. This course will provide a broad picture of Arizona brokerage rules and regulations, along with information on how to best comply with all requirements mandated by the Department of Real Estate.

Arizona BrokerManagement Clinic 2 (3 hours):This 3-hour course will review the Arizona Administrative Code concerning reasonable supervision with agents while managing a real estate business, employer/employee relationships and how brokerage policies are developed with a Broker Office Policy Manual. Other course topics include how the broker should handle the risk management process, agency representation, due diligence, the complaint process, standards of care, and consumer service.

Arizona Broker Management Clinic 3 (3 hours):All designated brokers or self-employed brokers are regulated and governed by laws, rules, governmental entities, agencies, codes, and ordinances. This 3-hour course focuses on a variety of responsibilities required by the Arizona Department of Real Estate including office policy manual, broker risk management, broker supervision, legal obligations, delegation of authority and define what each of them mean to the broker and how they conduct their real estate business.

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9 Credit Hours